Here's a video from TeacherTube that explains the importance of using technology with today's digital learners.

More on the Net Generation

From Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation website by Don Tapscott:

  • "What makes this generation different from its predecessors is not just its demographic muscle, but it is the first to grow up surrounded by digital media. Computers and other digital technologies, such as digital cameras, are common place to N-Gen members. They work with them at home, in school, and they use them for entertainment. Increasingly these technologies are connected to the Internet, an expanding web of networks which is attracting a million new users monthly. Constantly surrounded by technology, today's kids are accustomed to its strong presence in their lives. Today's kids are so bathed in bits that they are no more intimidated by digital technology than a VCR or a toaster."

Digital Natives - Marc - Author of the classic Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

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