Inconvenient Truth
Global Warming

  • Tom Brokaw's Movie -
  • Students taking steps at home - replacing light bulbs, Saving water, recycling,
  • The science behind it - Carbon emissions, Greenhouse Effect,
  • Ecological Footprint


  • Scribe posts
  • Digital portfolios - problem-solving
  • Math in the real world posts

  • Create pages from standards complete with photos, links,
World's Biggest Science Fair

  • wiki with results

  • Group students with students from another school to create pages
  • Stick or Switch
  • Probability Project

  • Newton's Laws
  • Energy
  • Electricity
  • Sound - pitch, absorption
Project-Based Learning

  • Create a wikipedia type of webpage
    • must contain results of experiments
    • complete with photos and links

Ecological Footprint
Uploading Images
Student Experts
Ask an Expert
  • Ask local scientists to collaborate with students